Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Useful information for participants

The DEFAP/LASER Summer School will take place at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan campus.

Summer School venue: Room C012 (Carducci campus), Via Carducci, 28/30 Milan map


From Malpensa Airport:

In order to reach Catholic University from Malpensa Airport, you can choose between Malpensa Express (train, see http://www.malpensaexpress.it/en/) and Malpensa Shuttle (bus, see http://www.malpensashuttle.it/e-index2.php ).

A taxi from Malpensa is very expensive (90 €) so we suggest you take Malpensa Express or Malpensa Shuttle.

Take Malpensa Express from the Airport to Cadorna train station. You can then reach Catholic University both by underground ( green line M2, stop SANT'AMBROGIO) or by 5 minutes walking (you can easily reach the Summer School venue by going straight away on Via Carducci from Cadorna Station).

Take Malpensa Shuttle from the Airport to Centrale train station. Take the underground green line (M2), stop SANT'AMBROGIO.

From Linate Airport:

You can take the bus 73 that stops at Largo Augusto, and then take the bus 94 that stops at Sant'Ambrogio.

From Centrale train station:

You can take the underground green line (M2), stop SANT'AMBROGIO.