Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


Each student completes his/her work under one or more supervisors, assigned to her/him by the Managing Committee of the School.
An extension – up to six months – can be granted by the Managing Committee on the ground of the reports provided by two external experts. During the extension period no scholarship can be provided.
The Ph.D. dissertation can be focused on any of the Faculty member research area, and it must be written in English. The thesis is composed of a foreword and of at least two chapters. The essays can pertain to different topics within the same field. These must be based upon original research in the chosen field, providing contribution from the theoretical and/or from the empirical standpoint. The thesis chapters should be in the form of full length research papers, and at least one of these should be publishable on an international scientific journals with peer review. In the foreword the candidate should declare which chapters are co-authored, the name of each co-author, his/her affiliation, and his/her role in developing the joint research.