Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


Ayhan S.H., "How Do Married Women Respond When Their Husbands Lose Their Jobs? Evidence from Turkey During the Recent Crisis"

Castelnovo P.," Intergenerational Transmission of BMI and Obesity: Evidence from the British Cohort Study" 

Gamba S., "The effect of Intellectual Property Rights on Domestic Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Sector" 

Jahanshahi B., "Separating Gender Composition Effect from Peer Effects in Education" 

Liu D., "The effects of VAT change on the consumption of drinking in Italy"

Mullerova A., "Female Labour Supply in the Czech Transition: Effects of the Work-Life Conciliation Policies" 

Peng N. - Sousa-Poza A. - Xiaobo H.,  "Peer effects on childhood and adolescent obesity in China" 

Sharma V., "Impact of Mechanisation on the Employment of Permanent Farm Servants in India Punjab: a Comparison of Cotton-Wheat and Paddy-Wheat Region" 

Silva A. - Etilé F. - Jamet G., "Consequences of the 5-A-Day Campaign: Evidence from French Panel Data" 

Smyk M. - Tyrowicz J. - Liberda B., "Age-productivity patterns in talent occupations for men and women: a decomposition"  

Weber L. - Caroli E., "Health differences across gender: the role of social norms"

Weldegebriel Z.B., "Determinants of Nonfarm Income Diversification in Rural Ethiopia: Evidence from Panel data"

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