Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Microeconomic Theory

 Research Topics

 1. Theory

  • Game theory: search of suitable equilibrium concepts; definition refinements of equilibria; introduction of new psychological aspects into the standard theory
  • Contract Theory and Mechanism Design: Incomplete contracts; Weak enforcement and competition; Common agency and multilateral externalities; Institutional Design and Conflict Theory; Optimal contracting with behavioral concerns

 2. Applied Theory

  • Industrial organization: Repeated interaction and vertical contracting; Firms organization design and market structure; Location choices, technology adoption and industry structure; Licensing of patents and R&D; Knowledge; Misleading advertising; Real Options and Strategic Interaction; Empirical Analysis
  • Banking and Finance: Endogenous market structure, Regulation, Financial advice,Relationship lending, Credit rationing, Micro-credit

Presentation of the Research Group