Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Master in Economics and finance

The Master in Economics and Finance is a graduate program that allows students to complete their training in economics providing them with a thorough understanding of the role and working of the state in modern economies.
The Master is a full-time, intensive course, with a maximum enrollment of 20 students. The Master offers courses taught in English and it is accessible to students of all countries. The diploma, issued by the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore , is recognized as a second level Master's degree by the Italian Government.

The Master is directed by Prof. Luca V.A. Colombo



The Master is entirely taught in English to a fairly small but varied class of students from all over the world, by a faculty that is very active in research and well integrated in international professional networks. Occasional mini-courses and lectures by leading international scholars, as well as a year-long seminar series, complete our offer.



Besides all fundamental coursework for today’s economists, our students will be able to take classes in both public/political economics and/or finance, gaining the expertise to professionally evaluate the current policy debate or to enter the world of finance.


The emphasis on political/public economics provides an ideal starting point for careers in central banks, governments and international organizations such as ILO, IMF or the World Bank. At the same time, the emphasis on finance paves the way for a career in the private sector in fields such as corporate finance, as well as asset and wealth management.


The Master provides students with all the essential tools and concepts to become accomplished economists. All courses are taught at an advanced level and are designed to build the key competences for successfully dealing with the demands of the best Ph.D. programs in Economics, or for starting a career in leading research institutions.

Grant to attend Master Courses 2024-2025