Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

International Doctoral Programme in Science

The program has been designed to develop innovative international science projects, at the verge of different disciplines (Nanotechnology, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Mathematics…), among top universities worldwide.
This initiative promotes the mobility of scholars providing wide opportunities to learn and experience different environments.

International PhD Program in Science

International Ph.D. in Science

Logos of the 4 promoting universities

The International Doctoral Program in Science is promoted by the following 4 universities:
Università Cattolica, Italy (UCSC)
KU Leuven, Belgium (KU)
Notre Dame, USA (ND)
Pontificia de Chile, Chile (PUC)

Research fields: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental science, Mathematics and others.
Duration of the course: 4 years.


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