Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Using optical resonances to control heat generation and propagation in silicon nanostructures

 December 18 2018

Aula: Aula 2 -  Ore: 14.00
Via Musei 41, Brescia


Stefano DANESI (PhD Student @ Università degli studi di Brescia) will deliver a lecture.

Chairperson: Ph.D student Andrea TOGNAZZI

Light-matter interactions are responsible for heat generation in materials, which can trigger chemical and physical reactions. In this talk I will discuss the possible reactions that can take place when a silicon nanopillar is heated with a laser radiation. I will show that visible light can be exploited to selectively crystallize internal regions of the nanopillar, which is not possible by conventional thermal treatments. A detailed study on lattice crystallization and reconstruction dynamics reveals that local heating drives the formation of secondary antennas embedded into the pillars, which double the light harvesting capability of the system. This approach can be easily extended to many types of nanostructured materials and interfaces, offering a unique approach for many applications involving optothermal processes.