Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Opening Day - XXXIX Cycle

 20 October 2023

The opening ceremony of the doctoral school for the XXXIX cycle students took place on Friday, October 20th, 2023. Professor Margherita Lanz, the new director of the school, moderated the event, which saw the participation of doctoral students from the three current cycles, as well as those from the outgoing cycle. Members of the academic board and the organizational committee also attended the event.

Professor Lanz opened the event by providing an overview of the doctoral school in Psychology, delving into its history, specific features, and recent innovations. Following this, doctoral students from the outgoing cycle (XXXVI) shared their experiences and offered valuable insights to the new doctoral students through a PowerPoint presentation. The subsequent presentations featured doctoral students from the XXXVII and XXXVIII cycles. Using video presentations, these students offered glimpses into their daily lives during the doctoral program, highlighting both challenges and the supportive environment fostered among colleagues.

The morning ended with individual presentations by the 16 new doctoral students of the XXXIX cycle. Each student introduced themselves and discussed the theme of their respective research projects.


We extend our best wishes to all the new doctoral students for a successful start to their academic journey!