Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


My research project investigates antibiotic resistance, a global health threat. Stewardship, defined as the development of responsible and conscious practices in healthcare settings, emerges as a frontier to address evolving medical challenges. The project aims to promote awareness among physicians and patients by optimizing prescribing practices through shared decision-making.          

Supervisor: Prof. Serena Barello                             

Keywords: Antibiotic Resistance, Shared Decision Making, Antibiotic Stewardship


My PhD project focuses on the development of protocols in the field of neuromanagement, including: the study of inclusive leadership processes, decision-making and leader’s decision awareness, based on multi-method evaluation; neuroempowerment of executive functions, development of training protocols promoting an inclusive environment through the empowerment of hard and soft skills.

Supervisor: Prof. Michela Balconi

Keywords: Decision-making, Executive Functions, Neuromanagement, Addiction


My research project explores child testimony in Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) legal proceedings, looking at justice workers’ perception of children's credibility and children’s narrative coherence. The ultimate aim is to better understand child testimony, thus identifying evidence-based guidelines for the assessment of narrative coherence in CSA.

Supervisor: Prof. Sarah Miragoli

Keywords: Child Sexual Abuse, Child Testimony, Credibility of the Child Witness, Narrative Coherence


Educational technologies offer new opportunities for interactive learning. My PhD project aims to design an Experiential Learning training for soft skills improvement in the Metaverse and to assess its efficacy and user experience. Additionally, the project will examine the role of immersion, social presence, and synchronicity in this type of training.

Supervisor: Prof. Andrea Gaggioli

Keywords: Virtual Reality, Metaverse, User Experience, Soft Skills Training


My project focuses on the end phase of Assisted Reproductive Technology process. In the ART setting, there is not a defined biological endpoint, the end occurs when it is in the couple’s best interest to discontinue the treatment. There is currently a paucity of data related to this complex phase.

Supervisor: Prof. Sara Molgora

Keywords: Assisted reproductive technology, End of Treatment, Patient-centered communication


My PhD research examines how body experience is affected by Multisensory Integration Processes in clinical and non-clinical populations. By making use of Virtual Reality technology, our goal is to explore the potential for modifying and controlling body experience and its underlying mechanisms.

Supervisor: Prof. Giuseppe Riva

Keywords: Body Experience, Multisensory Integration, Virtual Reality


My doctoral research focuses on enhancing scientific reasoning skills to improve individuals' ability to evaluate information and make informed decisions. Through measuring and studying this phenomenon, I aim to develop a training program to enhance scientific reasoning, fostering critical thinking and informed decision-making.

Supervisor: Prof. Margherita Lanz

Keywords: Scientific Reasoning Skills, Misinformation, Data Literacy, Pseudoscience


My doctoral research project focuses on the dimensions of ambiguity and uncertainty within romantic relationships in adolescence and emerging adulthood. The study aims to deepen the understanding of unclear and ambiguous practices in light of the attachment theory and to enhance the knowledge of its associated phenomena.

Supervisor: Prof. Emanuela Confalonieri

Keywords: Adolescence; Young Adulthood; Romantic Relationships


My research program aims to conduct a series of tests on communicative interventions that are designed to promote the adoption of sustainable domestic behaviors. I will examine the characteristics of messages as well as the psychological dimensions of recipients that have an influence on this process.

Supervisor: Prof. Patrizia Catellani

Keywords: Communication, Framing, Digital Interaction, Sustainability


My research proposes a system to analyze vocal behavior of miscommunication between pilots and ATC in real flight scenarios. By studying linguistic and acoustic markers, psychological drivers of miscommunication will be identified. The ultimate goal is to establish the foundation for designing an algorithm that can predict instances of miscommunication.

Supervisor: Prof. Federica Biassoni

Keywords: Non-verbal communication, Psycholinguistics, Vocal analysis, Human factor, Aviation Psychology


Research project focusing on adoptive families with children affected by Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Aims to expand scientific knowledge on the topic and develop intervention programs to enhance resources for these families.

Supervisor: Prof. Rosa Rosnati

Keywords: Adoption, Family Relationships; Co-parenting, Life Satisfaction, Young Adults, Teenagers, Well-being, Risky Behavior


My research aims to investigate the relationship between hedonic stimuli and motivation in the rehabilitation context. Visual, acoustic and social hedonistic stimuli will be inserted into semi-immersive and immersive virtual reality environments. Motivation, emotions, and treatment compliance will be measured by comparing these virtual environments with control virtual environments.

Supervisor: Prof. Alessandro Antonietti

Keywords: Human Factor, Motivation, Virtual Reality, Rehabilitation


My research focuses on studying illness expectations in chronic respiratory diseases. Specifically, I aim to investigate the impact of illness expectations and perceptions on the quality of life and relationships of individuals with sleep apnea, with a particular emphasis on the role of their bed partners.

Supervisor: Prof. Eleonora Volpato

Keywords: Chronic Disease, Illness Perception, Illness Expectation, Mind-Body relationship


The primary focus of my research lies in examining businesses and their commitment to environmental sustainability. Through my project, I'm to gain a deeper understanding of the factors that drive businesses to adopt and uphold sustainable practices throughout their journey and whether ther are differences between FB and non-FB. 

Supervisor: Prof. Maura Pozzi

Keywords: Family Business, Social Representations, Sustainability, Self- entrepreneurship, Identity


My study will evaluate cognitive and psychological aspects of ALE with the aim to characterize the clinical phenotype of the amygdala-orbitofrontal limbic network. My research will explore the effects of clinical variables on cognitive and psychological aspects before treatment and the predictors of cognitive and psychological outcomes of treatment.

Supervisor: Prof. Maria Caterina Silveri

Keywords: Social Cognition, Theory of mind, Limbic Encephalitis


Consistently with the Theory of Constructed Emotions, my research focuses on the relationship between emotion regulation and emotional granularity on a daily basis. Along this line of research, I am particularly interested in how this interplay impacts affective experiences and wellbeing in two distinct areas: chronic pain and sleep quality.

Supervisor: Prof. Stefania Balzarotti

Keywords: Theory of Constructed Emotions, Emotion Regulation, Emotional Granularity, Chronic Pain, Experience Sampling Methods