Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

NanomaterialsTrends - Hybrid nanocomposites and nanogranular materials

 September 13 2018 nanomaterials

Brescia (Italy), 13-14 September 2018

Nanocomposite films (NF), composed by metallic nanoparticles embedded in a solid dielectric matrix, and nanogranular materials (NM), a two-phase system composed by nanoscale grains loosely interacting and separated by voids, are currently at the forefront of research.
NF are the basic building blocks of the recently developed field of Hybrid Nanophotonics, based on Metal-dielectric (hybrid) nanostructures that show moderate dissipative losses, resonant optical magnetic response, strong nonlinear optical properties. These materials promise the development of ultrasensitive biological sensors and other devices whose operating principles are based on localization of an electromagnetic field at the nanometer scale. NM of metal or metal/dielectric grains demonstrated very interesting electrical and magnetic properties and promising potential for neuromorphic computation, gas sensing and storage, water purification and even antibacterial coatings.
The aim of the workshop is to capture the rapidly growing interest of experts in synthesis, characterization and theoretical methods to foster the exchange of collaborations on possibly overlapping subjects.

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