Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Innovation Track

Claudia Collodoro

My research interests are in inequality, work organisation, labour dynamics and technical change


Francesco d’Alessandro

Entrepreneurship and Institutions: the effects of technological change, uncertainty and knowledge flows on firm entry, growth and survival. Industrial Dynamics, Structural Change and the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Automation


Linnea Nelli

Linnea Nelli is a phd student in Innovation studies of the PhD course in Management & Innovation studies at Cattolica University of Milan. Her research interests are the effects of labour-saving technologies on employment, in particular as a consequence of the green and digital transition and from a gender perspective. She graduated in Economics at University of Pisa and School of Advanced Studies Sant’Anna, with a thesis comparing the effects of the Covid-19 crisis and the Sovereign Debt crisis on gender inequality in the Italian labour market

Guglielmo Pizzoli

Technological unemployment and structural change in artificial intelligence automation era