Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Behavioral and Experimental Economics

The Behavioral and Experimental Economics Research Group (BEERG) aims at understanding and modeling the actual economic behavior of individuals, firms and policy-makers. Traditional economic analysis does not deal with actual economic behavior, by assuming that agents are purely self-interested and make choices that are fully rational and use all available information. Behavioral economics builds on the premise that actual choices generally do not fit this framework. Methods include testing in laboratory and field experiments, econometric studies, and theoretical work. Research findings are relevant for decision-makers, such as managers and policy-makers, in order to predict the outcomes of their actions and design efficient rules and incentive mechanisms. The members of the group have published their work in the most prestigious journals of economics (Economic Journal, Games and Economic BehaviorJournal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Law and Economics, Experimental Economics, Journal of Economic Psychology).

Research Topics

  • Bounded rationality: learning, cognitive biases
  • Social preferences: altruism, equity, efficiency, reciprocity
  • Market design: rules, incentives, institutions
  • Social Networks: opinion dynamics, peer effects
  • Law & economics: punishment, deterrence, judicial errors
  • Neuroeconomics: intertemporal choice, fairness

Presentation of the Research Group